Feb. 25th, 2012 11:21 pm
Finally my 3 months long holiday has come to an end. I am kind of glad that it is over but on the other hand, I am totally not liking my timetable at all. Monday is the worst. I start class at 10 in the morning and don't end until 7 in the evening. Boy is it going to be hell. On the plus side, at least the other days I finish relatively early.

The 3 months of torture is over. No more days where I am wondering what to do to pass my time. No more are the days where I would blankly stare at the computer screen watching videos. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I am currently down with the flu. Boy does it suck to be sick.

It seems that all my entries are very short. I guess that is because I don't really have anything much to say. Maybe not yet. Let's just wait a few more weeks into my semester. Probably than I will have a lot of things to mention or more like complains.

Come to think of it, my birthday is just a few days away. I would love to write my own fanfictions, but unfortunately I suck at writing. Although I have a ton of ideas on what to write, I just can never seem to get it out the right way. I may try it out one day, when I feel like I am ready enough. Hope I can get a lot of supports from all those who will be reading my fanfictions.

Well, that is all for now. I was only suppose to update on my holidays coming to an end, but I ended up ranting on about unnecessary stuff. Oh well, that is just how I am. Random and oh so weird.



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